Best Gigs to Sell on Fiverr

 how you can make money on Fiverr and 

Selling Gigs on Fiverr

how you can you know what are the best gates to sell and this and that and you know I have a whole course on how to make money on Fiverr and you know the best techniques to do it in the actual process that I go through to do that you know in multiple facets of Fiver

r and how about how to actually you know execute that so if you want to if you want to check that out I'll link that in the description for you below it's there's a subscription link for $10 it's it usually runs about I think it's 180 so you can get that for 10 bucks but really what it comes down to is you know analyzing your gigs and seeing which ones are getting you know conversions impressions clicks and all that stuff and that's the first step but more importantly than that if you really really really want to scale Fiverr up you have to understand that time is going to be your greatest asset because you can get you once once you you put a couple gigs in and you figure out which ones are working for you and hitting you're going to get orders but you don't want to be swamped with orders so that you're getting a bunch of orders for things that take up a bunch of your time so what I mean by that is what are the best gigs to actually go after on Fiverr and those are gigs that you can basically automate something that you can invest potentially into a software that other people don't have maybe just to use one example because then you can literally throw you know that that processor or their account or their you know gig into your software because they don't have it they're getting a premium from you to get to basically throw their their information into your software they don't have to make the outrageous investment and you know you it you don't have to really do much but but uh you know throws throw their information into the software so I I didn't really do a great job of explaining that but I'm going to go a little bit into depth and explain and give you two examples of ones that I use on Fiverr that make me Sonam '''l return on my investment and you know obviously you can use these services yourself when you're not doing Fiverr gigs now a couple of things and this is going to be some really really valuable Meishan for you so the first one obviously here I have an in order pulled up that was fairly recently if you don't know I obviously teach a lot of courses I do a lot of you know Instagram target following so I have all donation software for Instagram you know on a multitude of platforms one of the automation software's that I have is follow like err obviously now this is what I mean by making the initial investment if you see if you go down here to follow like a all the way at the bottom I had the unlimited accounts license right here for Instagram which was a one-time payment if not 100 bucks basically roughly and then one - oh whoa they just added that that's crazy thank God I got it before that's that's new but anyway so if you wanted to get one account obviously it'd be $then you could you could literally make your money back with the investment I have been limited because I run multiple instagrams with multiple things but if you were going to make this payment you know 100 bucks and then $monthly after the first month basically what that comes down to is you're making the initial investment of hundred bucks but not many other people on Fiverr are going to make that investment so basically what you could do if you could run a gig that would hook somebody else's Instagram up to your automation software for a certain amount of time and charge five to ten to fifteen to twenty bucks for that you know although f-250 potentially because they don't have to make that initial investment to get the software you'll do it for them so you can imagine you know all it takes if you say you you invest 100 bucks into this all I would take was ten gigs of ten bucks and I do them fairly recent you know frequently to get your money back and then you've paid for and it's just literally order um you know making you money in the future so file a laker can make you money just and know how to use it another great example of that would be an app called captivate and I'll just type it here in the URL if you're not interested in obviously investing into you know follow like there because it can be expensive captivate is an app on the App Store that basically I think it costs five bucks or $and it basically does the same thing for one account so you can have captivate for yourself and then you know target following your own Instagram and turn automation on on your own Instagram post a Fiverr gig about you know potentially hooking up someone's Instagram to your automation software a day or two and then when you get a gig simply switching over to their account for that day or two and then switch it back and you can make money that way what I mean by this is I started out doing gigs on Fiverr and it was basically I'll write in a nutrition plan I'll do this and I'll do that and I slowly started to realize that I was getting the orders but I didn't have the time to fill them and so what I mean is the best gigs on Fiverr to do are ones that you can that don't consume your time that you can automate that you can set up and you know you don't necessarily need a lot you know of time to invest in your software I can do it for you and then you'll start to see that as that builds you'll get the return on your investment back and you'll also get you know money into the future so it's making that initial investment that other people don't have in software's or services that you can provide fairly easily and cheaply for you what might cost other people you know a lot more time or a lot more money another great example if you're not into captivate or you're not into follow liker and obviously this is just an idea you can take this and run with this in any capacity but right here's a good example of one I have the software it's called atomic email hunter because I'm into email marketing now this is the unregistered version I have the paid version too but that's actually running in the background and also won't open it up and what I can basically do is I can generate an automatic an I can generate an email list for people because they don't have this software they haven't invested the 90 bucks into the software and this has paid me back dividends you know religiously so that's another one it doesn't cost me a lot of time it doesn't cost me any money because I already have the software already own it when other people don't and another great example of that would be gmass so if you don't know what GMS is I could type it's basically a software or you know this would work with MailChimp this would work with a lot of things but GMs oh okay I guess that's wrong okay there we go so gmask if you don't know is basically a software that runs on Gmail you know you could obviously hook it up to your autoresponder to not just not necessarily GMS but you know MailChimp Aweber get response and then you could provide services like that what I mean by this is these are services that you provide on Fiverr inform of gigs that people are looking for but aren't necessarily willing to spend the initial money for or spend the initial time to to learn them you know they might not necessarily understand these are the best gigs to put on Fiverr because you have the software you have the time you don't need to spend the time and other people are already looking for these services so great examples just to recap you know would be automation services on Instagram where you can make the initial software investment and then get your money back as you get multiple gigs and then you know once you get that money all the way back you can continue making money into the future you know and your your net profit is just going to continue to go up another great example would be you know email automation whether that sending mass email blasts out with GMAX and this is something that I do on Fiverr or that's generating target email lists with atomic email hunter any number of things it doesn't take you a lot of initial time investment but can give you a great return on your investment on your money because you'll start to notice that Fiverr on Fiverr you get gigs like I said but it can be difficult to maintain and deliver all those gigs you know if you have an accountant for the time it might take you and you haven't allocated that time properly it can take you a little bit you know longer than you bargained for it's basically I'm trying to say so I just want to impart that knowledge on you people always ask me you know how to make money on Fiverr what are the best gigs to do and the best gigs are the ones that don't take you a lot of time and a lot of money to do because you already you know potentially own that software but that might take somebody else a lot longer to do and a lot more money so you know look for gigs that basically solve problems you know cut other people's time or cut other people's cost  way to make extra cash online


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