Cloud Web Hosting vs Traditional Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting vs Traditional Web Hosting

If you've read any engineering article in recent times I'm sure you've come accross the concept of cloud. Cloud hosting, cloud accounting, cloud application, cloud computing. How is cloud hosting different from traditional hosting? I'm sure most people are familiar with regular hosting whatever it is you add your website to a hosting firm and they host that website for you so its available online to your purchasers. How is cloud hosting different? Well with traditional hosting your website is hosted on a single server on the internet, that means your website and lots of other folks websites are all sitting on one physical computer on the internet. Why is that good? Well it signifies the cost of the service provided to you is increased because lots of people are sharing that computing resource.

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Why is it bad? Well its bad because if 1 person or persons on that server happens to have a wildly popular website the performance of the overall server can degrade feigning your website as well. So how does mass hosting improve on this place or resolve the situation. Well with cloud hosting your website is hosted on a single server along with a whole lot of other folks websites.

Your website and all other purchasers of that special cloud hosting firm are hosted on mulitple different servers all at the same occasion. so, there might be 20 different web servers, physical computers and on each of those 20 web servers all websites hosted by that firm are available. Effectively what that signifies is that a larger grade of scalability, robustness and reliability for your website when its hosted in a cloud infrastructure as opposed to a traditional infrastructure ..

Cloud Web Hosting vs Traditional Web Hosting


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