How to Make WordPress Sites Faster

How to Make WordPress Sites Faster

Amazing Ways to Boost Your WordPress Site Speed

crop-300x267.jpg How to Make WordPress Sites Faster

The worst part of having a slow WordPress site is how you can lose organic and potential visitors; here in John Marketing Tools Review I want to show you the amazing ways to boost your WordPress site speed and start engaging those visitors that leave your webpage without make any interaction.
Having a speed up WordPress site not only helps you to grab your visitors but also, it can hurt revenue and damage brand reputation.
Besides, fast loading pages improve user experience, increase your pageviews, and help with your WordPress SEO, and boost your page performance.
How Speed affects your WordPress site?
We have to think every visitor of our website is like the common user, and we have to gain their attention instead of helping them to lose it and easily encouraging them to leave the website.
Several studies show that from 2000 to 2016, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds. How this can affect us?
Easy! You have very little time to show users your content and convince them to stay on your website. Moreover, a slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.
Getting more into Internet data, another study show that a 1 (one) second delay in page load time can lead to 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.
Your website load speed matters a great deal to ensure good search engine ranking and a great user experience.
It is a known fact that Google’s search algorithm includes your page load times as one of the many parameters while calculating page rank so we need to improve our page speed to do it and as soon as possible.
Speed up your WordPress website
Lots of beginners very commonly believe that their website is OK just because it doesn’t feel slow on their computer and that is a huge mistake.
In addition, since you frequently visit your own website, modern browsers like Chrome or Mozilla store your website in cache and automatically upload it as soon as you start typing an address.
This makes your website load almost instantly for you; however, a normal user who is visiting your website for the first time may not have the same experience.
In fact, users in different geographical locations will have a completely different experience. And this is why we recommend that you this tool to help you fast loading any WordPress site.
How to Make WordPress Sites Faster
Everyone need fast loading website considering less patience of online viewers nowdays, with REBAKE make your website as ultra fast loading in seconds from any corner of world.

Rebake-Review-300x219.jpg How to Make WordPress Sites                      Faster REBAKE

You can prevent your WordPress to be a slow website and loss  of your business revenue.
That’s right, every loosing visitor is drop in revenue which is dangerous for your business, so how can you make sure very low bounce rate & high viewer engagement? We have the answer for this question: make an ultra fast loading website with relevant content and great designs.
Rebake can help you to create great designs without charging your website with heavy content and increasing the site loading time, as other regular pages.
Besides, using this page builder you do not need to learn anything new or spend countless hours searching Google trying to figure out WordPress, that way you can save a lot of time.
Therefore, you also safe huge amounts of money on design cost because REBAKE add a highly-converting marketing page templates to your site instantly.
With this powerful website builder you can have and manage:
Create a website without a template in seconds
Easy edit of sub pages and the whole website in one click
Add unlimited pages
Search for high converting designs online using in-built spy feature
5 million royalty free pixel perfect hd images
Auto history management with unlimited undos and redos while editing...
Bake a whole website with images include into 1kb and transfer to any domain
Unmetered bandwidth
Clone any webpage or website online in seconds
Lightning fast pages
Customize everything pixel by pixel
Live and real-time page editing
Support for all 51 major html elements
60 seconds AutoSave technology in editing
Integrates seamlessly with all auto-responders and major software’s
100% mobile responsive
Newbie friendly and fully cloud-based software
Plus, 32 more features to fulfill your every requirement
Lifetime Access
Rebake also provides you lifetime access to the app, their world’s 1st Baking Technology App which is best innovation of 2016 in online website creation space.
With this app you can immediately turn your website into 1 KB file with fastest loading time saves money and boost revenue at same time by optimizing space.
Besides, is the best and most complete page builder with latest click drag technology to give wings to your creativity for lifetime.
Although Rebake is simple yet they create a step by step training videos to make every new and old customer well versed with tool and all features inside it. Within 10-15 min, you'll handle Rebake like pro having full control.

How to Make WordPress Sites Faster
You count with 24/7 support staff at your disposal. If you have any inquire or question to ask, they are online 24 hour a day, all the time. It does not matter if there is any query, problem, question; their friendly support staff can resolve all your problems instantly.
Another boost tool of this builder is that everyone targeting only 300mil English speakers in world while they neglect over 450mil Portuguese, 250mil Spanish, 1000+Mil Chinese, 1000+ Hindi Speakers.
With Rebake, you can get most from all of them by giving them their local language pages which means more engagement and more revenue for business.
Finally, you will get lifetime access to an unmetered bandwidth on lightening fast pages in any number of yours websites. You can also create the most attractive and easiest landing page for your ecommerce, website or marketing webpage.
30-day back guarantee

How to Make WordPress Sites Faster
You will not lose your money, if you have any technical issues while using the Rebake and they fail to help you resolve the issue, they will give you hundred percent of your money back.
However, their money back guarantee applies to technical issues only, other than that, all sales are final. Besides, their team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues they have so you’re extremely safe & your purchase is protected.
Why using Rebake? Speed is the key and design is the attraction. Building a fast loading page needs hours to create, instead of that, considerate always your visitors has low patience and use Rebake to speed up your WordPress site.

Move to a dedicated server

645_hqdefault-300x225.jpg How to Make WordPress Sites Faster

In the moment your site receives a lot of traffic, it’s a wise idea to host it on a dedicated server, where server resources are not shared.

When uptime is crucial, a shared server could be troublesome. Even though shared hosting is affordable, being on the same server as others can lead to clogging of CPU and RAM. It’s like being in an apartment complex and you only have so much water to share…if another site hogs up all the server’s bandwidth, then you are left with a slow running site/server and potential downtime.
A dedicated server also ensures your site isn’t shared on a server with spammers or a malicious website.
To ensure your site has maximum uptime, it’s worth investing in a hosting plan where you receive the full resources of a single server.

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